AI-Powered Product Manager

Find the job of the future and elevate your career opportunities with AI.

6-Week Online Beta Program

Starts April 12th 2021

6-Week Online Beta Program

Starts April 12th 2021

This "Beta Edition" is offered for early adopters before its official regular program release scheduled in June 2021.

6-Week Online Regular Program

Starts June 2021

The idea of this course is a 6-week online program, which you can follow at your own pace on a part-time basis.

What you will learn

✔ Build your AI-app with automated Machine Learning (for both AutoML on Android, CreateML on iOS)

✔ Understand the core neural networks such as Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional NN, and Recurrent NN with High School Math

✔ Discover and validate a product concept and  create your competitive advantage with the power of AI and ML

 Build an AI-powered product through the full lifecycle of product development

 Pitch a product plan, including the pain problem, a solution, product USP (unique selling proposition), and business model.

About this Course

»  Learn how to build an AI-powered app product for both Android & iOS   

Android   »     AutoML    

iOS           »     CreateML

»  Embed your competitive product advantage and leverage your knowledge about AI Neural Networks & Machine Learning .

» Get the entire app development process  starting from the drafting of a business idea all the way to the end-product launch.

Skills you will gain

Master automated Machine Learning

Analytical skills for Product Management

Integrate AI into a full minimum viable app product

Essential Neural Network Understanding

Course Contents

  • Artificial Neural Network for Beginners: The Core Concepts
  • AutoML (Android), Create ML (iOS): Visual Intelligence
  • Conversational NN, Recurrent Neural NN
  • AutoML (Android), Create ML (iOS): Natural Language; Tables
  • Deploy AI in Your app
  • AI-powered App Product Discovery and Validation
  • Proof of Concept: AI-powered Prototyping
  • Maximize your Product Advantage with AI
  • Product Sales Pitch : Demonstrate Your Product Advantage with AI
  • Conversational AI Challenge: Then and Now, Kaggle Competition with Reinforcement Learning
  • Survival Strategy on the Fast Evolving AI
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