Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Robot

❝Have you long dreamed to build your own AI  Robot but don't know where to start? Here is Gretchen, the AI robot that you can bring to life in this online course for non-AI professionals!❞

Building a personal AI robot is not impossible. Most of us just don't know where to start. The Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Robot course jump-starts anyone who is interested in robots to create their own personal robot. The course includes essential topics in creating a social AI robot. It combines  robotics, computer vision, and conversational AI  into one single social gaze* application on the open-source Gretchen robot.

*Social Gaze : human-like head motion during conversation.


  Basic Python Programming

Start Dates

  February 15, 2021:   Launch at Silicon Valley, USA

 May 15, 2021:   Launch at Dalian, China

   Current Open Enrollment:   Summer Pilot Program in Silicon Valley, USA

Future Enrollments: Global Launch, Feel free to email to be added to the mailing list. 


  950 USD

*Feel free to contact us at for a partial scholarship

We offer programs based on Your Needs
  9-Block Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Gaze Online Course

The idea of this course is a 9-block online program, which you can follow at your own pace on a part-time basis.

This “pioneer edition” is offered for early adopters before its official release tentatively scheduled.

  4-Sprint Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Gaze Online Course

The program will be further shortened into 4 Sprints (4 full days) . The shorter but Intensive alternative is offered to whoever wants to complete it as quickly as possible on a full-time basis .

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Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Robot Course

 About this course

The Gretchen Humanoid AI: Social Robot course is a very hands-on AI Robotics course. You’ll have to assemble the Gretchen robot and program it. You’ll learn how to manipulate the motors with different controllers. You’ll use computer vision and conversational AI to make meaning out of video and audio inputs. Using human head motion as a role model, you’ll use everything you’ve learned in the course to develop your own robot with social gaze.

► What you will learn

This AI Robotics course teaches you the foundations of robotics, computer vision, and conversational AI by combining all disciplines in a build-your-own robot project.

 Who can take this course

This course is for high school students, college students, or anyone who has an enthusiasm for technical and IT-related challenges, are open-minded and curious. It does not require any previous knowledge of mechatronics or programming.

 Cost of the course

The cost of the course is 950 USD. This includes access to the online course and the Gretchen developer kit. The Gretchen developer kit is consisted of 3D printed parts, motors, camera, boards, cables, etc. 

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